Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Fear is wasted energy.  I tell people that all the time.  The energy expended entertaining fear would be better spent putting toward something useful.

Often we fear things simply because we don't know about them or understand them.  Once we face the fear, we often find out there was nothing to fear in the first place.

I'll give you one small example.  Once I'm home and "in for the night", the darkness can be fear inducing.  I might hear noises and imagine all sorts of things lurking in the night.  Sometimes I'll go around the house to make sure all my doors and windows are closed and locked.  I'm entertaining fear.  Once I realize that, I boldly walk to the door, step outside and enjoy the night air, moon and stars.  What seemed foreboding turns out to be pleasant, relaxing and even friendly.

Facing your fear takes away it's power over you.  It's freeing and liberating.  I read that fear has two meanings:

1.  Forget Everything And Run


2.  Face Everything And Rise

The choice is yours!

Love,  Paula

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I've been reminded lately of my blog, "A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime" posted November 10, 2014.  I've recently kind of lost touch with a couple of friends.  As I mentioned in that previous blog, I'm a "keep in touch" kind of person. 

One of the friends went on vacation.  Before she left she said we'd get together when she got back.  That was four months ago.  It was a similar situation with the other friend.  I reached out to both of them several times and was assured that I hadn't done anything to offend them.  I started feeling bad...  even hurt.  What was the matter?  Why didn't they want to stay in touch? 

Last week I remembered that people enter your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  There was my answer.  I thought these women were "lifetime" friends.  Apparently they were "season" friends.  This revelation really helped me to feel better.  I no longer feel hurt.  I'll miss our friendships, but I'll have many fond memories.  I can now lovingly let go knowing that we've each fulfilled what ever the purpose of our relationship was. 

I wanted to post this as a reminder to all of you.  If you see or feel a friendship slipping away, maybe that person was in your life for a reason or a season, NOT a lifetime,  It's okay.  Lovingly remember what you learned from that person and what that person learned from you.  Then let it go.  That will open up a space in your life for new people and new adventures.  Know that everything happens for a reason and everything is as it should be. 

Love,  Paula