Monday, August 29, 2016

Angels Among Us

As I mentioned in last week's blog, I was in an automobile accident on April 20th. It was a surreal experience - one I hope to NEVER repeat. I try to understand, look for the lessons and look for the good in all situations.

Right after the accident happened, I think even before my car stopped spinning, a wonderful stranger came over. On his way to my car, he called 911 and explained the situation. Police, fire department and paramedics were alerted. When he got to my car, he opened the door to check and see how I was doing and what kind of help I needed. He kept me conscious and alert by constantly and gently talking with me and holding my hand until the paramedics arrived. He was on his lunch break from work. He didn't know me. He took about 45 minutes out of his life to help and be with a total stranger. His gentle kindness and caring can never be repaid and will never be forgotten. He was my angel at that moment in time.

Someone very close to me recently had an accident. He had several angels show up. Several high school girls were walking up the road. They saw he was bleeding and in need. They happened to have baby wipes on them. They gave the wipes to him to help clean up his wounds. A person that lived near by came and sat with him until help arrived. Several passers by stopped to see if they could help in any way.

Night after night all you hear on the news are the "bad" things that happen - robberies, shootings, drugs. It makes you feel like the whole world and all the people in it are corrupt and awful. The Angels are out there. It may be the person that says the right thing to you at the right time. An unexpected phone call. Help that arrives at the exact right moment. It may be someone you know or it may be a complete stranger. Look for your angels. They're out there. When you experience the kindness of perfect strangers like I have, it gives you a warm hope for humanity. You can't help but KNOW that there are Angels Among Us.

Love, Paula

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lessons From My Back...So Far

I was in an automobile accident on April 20th. The car was totaled. I had - and still have - many physical issues because of it. The latest issue is that my back went out.

I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I always try to pay attention to and notice what's going on so I can learn the lessons that are being "taught" to me. This helps me to better understand WHY things happen. There are the typical physical lessons, but underneath that are the more important spiritual lessons. Those are the things I try to understand.

Here are the things I've learned so far:

1. The first lesson happened when instead of turning around to move, I took a step backwards. Pain shot through my back and leg. Lesson - DON'T go backwards. Only move forward.

2. The second lesson happened when I tried to go for a walk. My normal gait is rather large steps. This shot pain through my back and hip. Lesson - while moving forward, take small steps.

3. While shopping, all of a sudden my back felt like it was going to explode. I realized that it was because I was carrying a large purse filled with "everything but the kitchen sink." Lesson - lighten my load. I don't have to carry everyone's burdens.

4. If I stand in one place too long, my back and hips start hurting, burning. Lesson - Don't stand still too long. Move forward.

These are all things I "know", but unfortunately sometimes have to be reminded. I want to learn these lessons and start living them so I don't have to go through these "classes" again.

I suppose that for some people, this is an unusual way of looking at things. For me, it makes life more interesting and gives purpose to what might be perceived as unfortunate circumstances. Instead of feeling sorry for myself for the pain I'm experiencing, I look for the lessons so I can learn the "why's" of what's going on in my life and hopefully change.

If you're a person that's in pain - physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual - I hope this can help you in some way. I know it helps me.

Love, Paula

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Being Butterflies

It's easy for me to see the gifts and talents of others. I admire their interesting, useful, unique abilities. I sometimes compare myself to them and feel like I fall short.

As I move along on my path, I'm realizing that I'm not the only one that has these feelings. In speaking with friends and family, I find that many of them have the same thoughts. They wish they had certain gifts and talents. They can't see their own beauty. Funny, I can see their beauty, but often can't see my own. They can see mine, but can't see their own.

Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why does it seem like someone else's contribution is somehow bigger, better, or more important than our own?

Many years ago while meditating, I was told, "We all have a piece of the puzzle. It's our job to bring it forth. It doesn't matter how big or small the piece is, the puzzle isn't complete until ALL the pieces are put together."

I read, "Did you know that it is physically impossible for a butterfly to see it's own wings? Did you also know that the wings of a butterfly are considered to be one of the most beautiful of natures creations? They can't see how beautiful they are, but everyone else can. I feel like people can be the same way."

We ALL have something to offer. We ALL have a piece of the puzzle. We ALL have our own individual beauty. We need to accept our own beauty, uniqueness, special gifts and talents. We need to help others see and accept theirs. Let's quit being butterflies so we can see the beauty in everyone and everything...including ourselves.

Love, Paula