Sunday, July 31, 2016

Moving Forward

If you're like me, you probably spend some of your time and energy thinking about the past. If you're thinking about past times that were fun, sweet, or enjoyable, that's okay as long as you don't LIVE in the past and forget to LIVE in the present. If you're spending all your time reminiscing about the past, you're not allowing yourself to make new memories. It's okay to remember as long as you don't obcess.

Now, if you're spending time in the past regretting or feeling guilty, that's a whole different thing. Guilt is wasted energy. Instead of feeling guilt, try to figure out what lessons you have learned so that you don't repeat the action about which you're feeling guilt. You have then made a negative into a positive and there is no reason for guilt. Then you are free to move forward into the wonderful possibilities of the future.

I read, "There is a reason your windshield is bigger than your rear view mirror. Where you're headed is much more important than what you've left behind.". I think those are words to live by.

Love, Paula

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Last Tuesday, July 19th was a full moon and it was gorgeous! When I went outside to start watching it, it was still low in the sky so it was big and bright.

As I sat "moon bathing", meditating and contemplating in the glow of beautiful Luna, I so wanted to share it with everyone I love. I immediately texted my daughter, son and two grandsons that live in the same city I live in. Texts started coming back, appreciating that I brought it to their attention. I wished that I could share it with my son that lives in LA. The lightbulb went off...they see the same moon in California that we see in Pennsylvania...just at a different time. So I texted my son in LA, a friend in Carlsbad, and a friend in Tucson. I received texts back. Just like that because of modern technology and the more than ancient moon, we were ALL connected.

It reminded me of the 1986 movie "An American Tail" where Fieval Mousekewicz was separated from his family. While trying to find them, he looked at the moon. He knew that they were "Somewhere Out There" looking at that same moon. The moon kept them connected.

That's how I was feeling that night. I felt connected to everyone and everything. I felt the oneness of all. My heart was so filled with love and gratitude that I wanted to burst. I sat and cried with appreciation and joy. I have believed for some time that we are all connected and are all one, but that night I KNEW it...I FELT it. It was amazing.

My wish is that everyone could have that experience. I wish that we could all have that knowing and live it all the time. You can't hate and do harm to others if you "know" that we are all one - that we are all connected. It's certainly something to strive for. Join me?

Love, Paula

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Back on May 21, 2012 I posted a simple yet very effective meditation. Since then I've modified it a little. There are so many families that have discord within members not speaking to each other, talking "about" each other instead of "to" each other to straighten things out...things like that. So this simple 10 minute meditation came to me. Whether your family is broken or whole, it's a good way to start your day.

On the "in" breath, breathe in peace.

On the "out" breath, send that peace to your family, city, country, world.

Continue this for five minutes: "In" - peace. "Out" - peace to family, city, country, world.

After five minutes, switch to love.

"In" breath - take in love from the Universe.

"Out" breath - send love to your family, city, country, and world.

Continue sending love for five minutes.

It's so very easy and it only takes 10 minutes. If everyone would do this, every person, city and country in the world would be sending and receiving peace and love every single day.. Imagine the possibilities.

When you see all that's going on in the world today and wish there was something you could do, well now you can. Simply receive and send peace and love. Then watch YOUR world change.

Love, Paula