Monday, March 25, 2013

We're the Waves

During my reading this week, I was reminded of a visual that was given to me many years ago.  It helped me so much then that I wanted to share it with you now.

The concepts of "We are all one" and "We are all connected" were hard for me to grasp.  What we see and how we're taught is that we're separate individuals that are responsible for our own thoughts, words and actions.  I felt, and still do feel, individual... unique.  So if I'm a unique individual, how can I be connected to everything and everyone else?  How can we all be ONE?  I just didn't get it.

Yet we're taught, "Do unto others as you would have done unto you."  "What goes around, comes around."  Karma.  If we're all connected, what you do to someone or something else you're actually doing to yourself.  If we're all connected, those sayings really make sense. Could it be that we ARE somehow all connected?  How can that be?

Then someone gave me a visual that I'd like to share with you now.  Picture the ocean.  It's a massive body of water.  It's ONE thing... an ocean.  Yet there are often many waves on that ocean.  The waves are individual, separate, and unique entities that are still always connected to and part of the ocean.

We're the waves.

Love,  Paula

Monday, March 18, 2013

More About Attitudes

I talk about attitudes a lot.  Developing a good attitude is so important.  Basically, it's how you experience life.  Choosing to have a positive attitude makes your life good, happy, and peaceful.  You see the miracles in life.  You live in gratitude and appreciation.

If you choose to be negative, you live your life in fear, anger and discord.  You  look for something negative so you can verbally tear it apart.  You think that makes you happy.

Have you ever been around when people are talking about others?  When they're ripping them apart?  How does it make you feel?  I mostly feel sad.  It sucks the energy out of me.  It hurts my spirit.  I usually try to insert some positive ideas into the conversation, but that's not always welcome.  If possible, I will physically leave.  If that's not possible, sometimes I mentally leave.  The energy is really just too heavy for me.

Sometimes it's easy to get sucked into some one's drama.  I always feel bad about myself when I allow that to happen.  I read, "Don't allow other's to pull you into their drama.  Instead pull them into your peace."  That's what I strive for.  Unfortunately sometimes I fall short.  But I'll keep trying.  I'll also keep trying to have a good, positive attitude.

Love,  Paula

Remember - attitudes are contagious so make yours worth catching.

Monday, March 11, 2013

My Big "IT"

I just read, "What you need is always there for you.  Sometimes you just can't see it."  How true!  I've been a Reiki Master Teacher since 2000.  I love Reiki.  It's done many wonderful things for me and for people I've worked on.  The great thing about Reiki is, all you need are your hands.   Of course it's lovely when you can have a private space with music, candles, and incense, but that's not necessary.  I've administered Reiki at picnics, parties, offices and events.  And it works.  It's a wonderful healing modality.  Yet I've been spending years wondering what my big "IT" was.  I do Reiki, but A LOT of people do Reiki.  And most of them also offer other things; massage, aroma therapy, Cranio Sacral, reflexology.  So I always thought, "Okay, it's nice to do Reiki, but I need something else."  Like I said, I've been searching for years.  Nothing "spoke" to me.

While searching, my close friends have been encouraging me to DO REIKI.  They would tell me that that's where my talents are.  But would I listen?  Oh no, I just kept searching... and searching... and searching.  I always had the feeling that what I was searching for was right in front of me, but somehow I couldn't see it - I couldn't reach it.

Remember my post of 1/28/13 - "I'm Ready"?  When my whole house was covered in construction dust, I decided that I needed to clean my healing space when I had no clients or classes scheduled.  I had to BE ready.

Well, I don't know when, where, or how the light bulb lit, but I finally figured out my big "IT" is Reiki. Duh!  So what I was searching for all these years WAS right in front of my face.  It was there all along.  I just didn't "see" it.  Once I made that discovery, I got a student and six new clients.  And I was ready.

My point in writing this is to remind you that whatever you're looking for may just be right in front of you.  It doesn't necessarily have to be big or flashy.  Most often it's the little things that are with you all the time.

Love,  Paula

Monday, March 4, 2013


It is the most beautiful day!  It is a day where sometimes it's overcast and sometimes the sun is out.  It has been snowing all day, but it's one of those snows where it is in the air, but it never seems to land.  It just dances beautifully, lightly in the air.  It's magical.

I know, I know, a lot of you think I'm crazy for saying that.  You're tired of the snow, the cold, the darkness.  But if you can step away from your attitude about snow and winter, and just look at it, it's incredible!

There are so many things like that in life.  There is beauty and magic all around if you look for it.  It's in any situation; in all the things we take for granted every day.  If you can look through new eyes, open your heart and change the way you look at things, you'll start to see miracles all around you.  It takes practice, but it can be done.  Step into appreciation and gratitude.  Live your life from a place of love, joy, awe, and wonder.

Albert Einstein said, "There are two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle. "  I choose the second.

Love,  Paula