Monday, May 16, 2016

Thoughts on Mother's Day...AND Father's Day

Where I live, we set aside a special day in May to honor our mothers...Mother's Day, and a special day in June to honor our fathers...Father's Day. Hopefully we're honoring them 365 days a year, but we take special notice when it's their special day.

This year Mother's Day was on May 8th. There was a barrage of pictures and tributes on Face Book declaring that particular person's mother was THE BEST mother ever! Wait a minute...if I have the best mother ever and you have the best mother ever and we don't have the same mother, how does that work? We both can't have "THE BEST MOTHER".

My daughter wrote a very nice tribute. "Happy Mother's Day to my role model. I hope I'm half the mom, cheerleader, and friend to my kids that you have always been to me. I love you!" Perfect! It was personal between her and I. She's not declaring that I'm the best mom ever, she's telling me how I have impacted her life and what I mean to her personally.

I think that's what most people mean to do. We all need to have our own lessons and experiences. I believe that when we come into this world, we come to the best parents for US so that we can have the lessons and experiences we need. So when people say, "I have the best mom ever", what they're trying to say is that they have the best mom for THEM.

The same holds true for fathers. We have the best fathers for us to learn and experience our own personal life lessons.

So...happy belated Mother's Day to all you "best moms ever" out there. And Happy Father's Day in advance to all you "best dads ever" out there.

Love, Paula