Monday, November 15, 2021

It’s The Little Things

In my last blog, "Just Be", I talked about my freak accident out on my patio. In this blog I'd like to expand a little on that.

It's been ten weeks since my accident. The dressing that the wound clinic puts on me is called a compression dressing. It's four layers thick. Because of that, I haven't been able to put on shoes. I've been wearing a surgical boot from bunyon surgery I had about ten years ago on one foot and a shoe on the other foot. This has made me a little off balance and has thrown my body out of whack. Beside that, it really looks ridiculous.

I own two pair of Berkenstock clogs. One pair is the typical leather upper. But the other pair is very flexable suede. Well it only took me ten weeks to figure out that what I thought was a decorative buckle is actually functional. I loosened the strap and voila, I can wear an actual pair of shoes that MATCH! I'm so excited. I can't stop looking at my feet. It's crazy. Who would have thought that wearing an old pair of Berkenstocks would be such a big deal.

I'm sure you all have things like that in your life...things you ignore and take for granted. Sure it's nice to have nice things, go out to a fancy dinner, take trips and enjoy the finer things, but when it comes down to what is REALLY's the little things.

Love, Paula