Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching.  It brings up different emotions in different people for different reasons.

Some people are excited and filled with expectations:  dinner, candy, flowers, jewelry, or some other wonderful expression of love.  Some people get depressed because they don't have anyone.  They feel lonely.

I'm fortunate to have a very loving husband and family.  I don't really pay attention to the fact of Valentine's Day.  I don't need ONE day to show my love to the special people in my life and they don't need ONE special day to show me their love.  We show each other in big and small ways EVERY day.  We're there for each other always in ALL WAYS.  Basically, I have Valentine's Day every day and I am grateful.

For those of you that aren't as fortunate as I am - if you're alone - let me make some suggestions.  First and foremost... LOVE YOURSELF.  Be your own Valentine.  Pamper yourself.  Take yourself to dinner or make yourself a special candlelit dinner.  Take yourself to a movie.  Schedule a massage.  Get your hair or nails done.  Enjoy a bubble bath.  Take a nap.  Do something special  just for you!!!

No matter which group you belong to, no matter how you choose to celebrate or not celebrate, remember... if we love ourselves, we all have love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love,  Paula

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Good Day

The other day everyone I came in contact with was complaining about the weather.  It was snowing and around 2 degrees.  People were either complaining about the snow, the cold, or both.  It's winter in the northeastern United States people.  What do you expect... really?!!!  Winter, cold and snow come every year.  It's certainly not unexpected.

When I went outside that day, the beauty took my breath away.  When it's very cold, the snow kind of crystalizes and looks like diamonds scattered across the landscape.  Absolutely beautiful!  The sun was out and all you could see were sparkles everywhere.  It was unbelievable!!!  My whole world was like one big Norman Rockwell Christmas card.  How could anyone complain when we are surrounded by such incredible beauty?

I read, "The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude."  That really says it all, doesn't it?  We always have a choice to make.  Every single minute of every single day we have the opportunity to choose to be happy, or sad, or angry, or upset, or excited.  IT'S A CHOICE... OUR CHOICE.    It has absolutely nothing to do with what's going on around us.  It only has to do with the choice we make about how we respond to what's going on around us.

There are gifts for us everywhere.  Look for them.  See them.  Choose them.

That day I had a cold.  I had a headache.  It was cold outside.  It was snowing.  It was sunny.  It was beautiful. I choose to have a good day!

Love,  Paula