Monday, September 25, 2017

Along Came A Spider

Once a month I read a channel called "Beacons Of Light".  Steve Rother channels "The Group".  They give messages to help us grow and move through life with a little more ease.  Several times in the last couple of years "The Group" talked about taking a step where there is nothing.  The ground will form under your foot before you put it down...kind of like taking a leap of faith.  I don't have a problem with the phrase, "leap of faith", but I couldn't wrap my mind around the concept of taking a step where there is nothing and the ground would be there before you put your foot down.

Along came a spider.  You know how there are things around you all the time, but you don't really SEE them?  One day while sitting on my patio, I started observing a spider spinning it's web. I see spiders all the time.  I see spider webs all the time.  This time was different.  I was actually paying attention to it.  In a short amount of time, this incredible creature took an empty space and filled it with the most beautiful work of art..  AMAZING!!!

While I was observing the finished product,it occurred to me that the spider is the perfect example of putting your foot down before there is something under it.  The spider has faith in itself and it's ability.  It knows that if it moves forward and there is nothing underneath it, it will be okay.  The web material will just be there.

Ultimately it's all about faith and trust.  You have to have faith in yourself, your abilities, your gifts.  Then you have to trust that your creator will be there to help and support you.  If you're having difficulty while you're trying to move forward, remember our little spider and move forward with renewed confidence.

Love,  Paula

Sunday, September 17, 2017


I LOVE fall.  It's not quite fall yet, but it's starting to feel like fall.  I love that the air is cooler.  I love that it's no longer humid.  I love that the sky is bluer, the grass is greener and the leaves are starting to turn into their beautiful golds, yellows, oranges and reds.  I love that it's football season.  I love concord grapes, apples and cider.  I love all things pumpkin.  I love the clothes...sweaters, sweatshirts, slacks, jackets.  I love long walks in the woods.  I love Halloween.  I love Thanksgiving.  Did I mention that I LOVE FALL?!!!  I feel so alive at this time of year.

Fall is the season that symbolizes the process of dying.  Flowers are dying.  Trees lose their leaves.  Vegetable gardens finish producing.  Everything is getting ready for the upcoming winter (death).

In my blog "More About Spring" dated 5/11/15, I talked about spring being the season that symbolizes birth and rebirth and how ironic it was that I went to a cemetery to enjoy spring. I find it interesting that in the season that readies us for death (fall), I come alive.

Love,  Paula

Monday, September 11, 2017

Cherokee Prayer

If the "Love Meditatiion" does not resonate with you, maybe this simple little prayer will.  It's a repost, but is still one of my favorites.

I read this on line and LOVED it. I wanted to share.

"Oh Great Spirit
Who made all races,
Look kindly upon
The whole human family
And take away the
Arrogance and hatred
Which separates us
From our brothers."


What a beautiful thought. What a beautiful prayer. What if we ALL prayed that daily and what if God heard our prayer? What if it worked? What if it changed our world?  Let's give it a try.

Love, Paula

Monday, September 4, 2017

"Love" Meditation

As a follow up to last week's blog, I'd like to offer a simple meditation about receiving love and sending love. 

Take a deep breath......let it out.

Take another deep breath.....let it out.

Now with the next "in" breath, breathe in the love of the Universe.  Feel the love enter your body.  Feel your heart expanding with love.

On the "out" breath, send that love to the Earth and ALL it's inhabitants.  I visualize the Earth with a beautiful pink (love) cloud sweeping over it and engulfing it. 

Repeat:  "In" - love from the Universe
              "Out" - love to the Earth and ALL it's inhabitants.

In - Love, Out - Love,

In - Love, Out - Love

Repeat this for as long as you're comfortable.

It's that easy and it's powerful.  Enjoy!

Love,  Paula

Monday, August 28, 2017

A Cure For The World

In this last year or so I've been noticing so much discord, anger, anxiety, hate and fear being spewed. It makes you stop and wonder why and what can be done about it. Is there anything I can do personally?

While pondering these questions, I was brought right back here to my blog site and the reason I started it in the first place... LOVE. Ultimately, that's the answer to EVERYTHING,

No war or protest has ever changed people's hearts. Oh, maybe it settled a certain dispute... for awhile... but eventually something else springs up somewhere else. Some other religious outrage, civil rights cause, or crazy, power hungry individual steps onto the world stage and we're ready to go to war and/or protest - AGAIN! It seems to be a never ending cycle.

I suggest we try something different. Instead of sending discord, anger, anxiety, hate, fear, bombs, soldiers, tanks or guns, let's send LOVE. Bomb the person, country, race, religion, people that cause you anxiety, fear and discord with LOVE. This should accomplish two things. First, it will change YOUR heart. You will be living in LOVE instead of angst. Second, it should change the heart of the recipient. They should start living in LOVE. They won't know what hit them.

Now understand, you have to do this with a pure intention because that's what real love is... pure. You're not trying to control anyone, you're simply sending LOVE. All the great masters taught this:  Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, ALL OF THEM. But they didn't have the internet and could not reach the world all at one time.

So let's make this a global experiment. Sit for just ten minutes a day and send LOVE to the world and ALL its inhabitants... ALL OF ITS INHABITANTS - no exceptions. I believe if we all would do this, we could change our world. Worth a try, right?

Join me. I'm excited to see what happens.

Love,  Paula