Monday, September 4, 2017

"Love" Meditation

As a follow up to last week's blog, I'd like to offer a simple meditation about receiving love and sending love. 

Take a deep breath......let it out.

Take another deep breath.....let it out.

Now with the next "in" breath, breathe in the love of the Universe.  Feel the love enter your body.  Feel your heart expanding with love.

On the "out" breath, send that love to the Earth and ALL it's inhabitants.  I visualize the Earth with a beautiful pink (love) cloud sweeping over it and engulfing it. 

Repeat:  "In" - love from the Universe
              "Out" - love to the Earth and ALL it's inhabitants.

In - Love, Out - Love,

In - Love, Out - Love

Repeat this for as long as you're comfortable.

It's that easy and it's powerful.  Enjoy!

Love,  Paula

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