Monday, September 25, 2017

Along Came A Spider

Once a month I read a channel called "Beacons Of Light".  Steve Rother channels "The Group".  They give messages to help us grow and move through life with a little more ease.  Several times in the last couple of years "The Group" talked about taking a step where there is nothing.  The ground will form under your foot before you put it down...kind of like taking a leap of faith.  I don't have a problem with the phrase, "leap of faith", but I couldn't wrap my mind around the concept of taking a step where there is nothing and the ground would be there before you put your foot down.

Along came a spider.  You know how there are things around you all the time, but you don't really SEE them?  One day while sitting on my patio, I started observing a spider spinning it's web. I see spiders all the time.  I see spider webs all the time.  This time was different.  I was actually paying attention to it.  In a short amount of time, this incredible creature took an empty space and filled it with the most beautiful work of art..  AMAZING!!!

While I was observing the finished product,it occurred to me that the spider is the perfect example of putting your foot down before there is something under it.  The spider has faith in itself and it's ability.  It knows that if it moves forward and there is nothing underneath it, it will be okay.  The web material will just be there.

Ultimately it's all about faith and trust.  You have to have faith in yourself, your abilities, your gifts.  Then you have to trust that your creator will be there to help and support you.  If you're having difficulty while you're trying to move forward, remember our little spider and move forward with renewed confidence.

Love,  Paula


  1. Love your spider metaphor! I was just looking at this beautiful web myself and made my husband come outside to see it! I have had to take leaps of faith in learning about my own spirituality and abilities but I always had synchronicity to give me a little boost along the way! Things would just fall into place and people would come in my life to help me. You made me think about that again Paula.
    Cate Stiller

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