Monday, August 24, 2020

A Reminder

I try to always appreciate EVERYTHING, big and small. That's what many of my blogs are about. I've had several reminders of that lately.

A facebook friend made an entry that he didn't have any luck on a particular night seeing the space station. Although that was what he was looking for and it would have been really cool to see it, I have to wonder if he looked at anything else. It was a beautiful evening with a gorgeous moon shining. There were lots of stars and planets showing their magnificence. It would have been such a shame to miss all that.

I live on Lake Erie. We have this paddle boat - The Victorian Princess - that takes people out on the bay and lake for sunset cruises, parties, dinner cruises and such. My husband and I, along with some friends, decided to do a music/sunset cruise. The weather was a little uncertain earlier in the day and we weren't sure if we were going to be able to go or not. As the day progressed though, the sun came out and the winds subsided. It turned out to be the perfect night for a cruise. We met our friends and had a nice evening. Unfortunately shortly before sunset, clouds rolled in on the horizon...just enough to block the sunset. But what I call the "after glow" - the setting sun's reflection on the southern and eastern sky while it is setting in the north-west - was AMAZING!!! It was beautiful shades of pinks and purples against the dark blue skies. So as people were disappointed that they didn't get to see the sunset, I was marvelling at the beautiful splashes of color in the opposite direction and reflecting off the waters. Besides all that, we saw eagles and a heron in flight close by. It was a special, magical evening, yet many people left disappointed.

I'm sharing these stories as a reminder to everyone to not live life with blinders on. If what you're expecting doesn't happen, look in a different direction. Look for the gifts that are all around you...I promise, they're there.

Love, Paula