Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching.  It brings up different emotions in different people for different reasons.

Some people are excited and filled with expectations:  dinner, candy, flowers, jewelry, or some other wonderful expression of love.  Some people get depressed because they don't have anyone.  They feel lonely.

I'm fortunate to have a very loving husband and family.  I don't really pay attention to the fact of Valentine's Day.  I don't need ONE day to show my love to the special people in my life and they don't need ONE special day to show me their love.  We show each other in big and small ways EVERY day.  We're there for each other always in ALL WAYS.  Basically, I have Valentine's Day every day and I am grateful.

For those of you that aren't as fortunate as I am - if you're alone - let me make some suggestions.  First and foremost... LOVE YOURSELF.  Be your own Valentine.  Pamper yourself.  Take yourself to dinner or make yourself a special candlelit dinner.  Take yourself to a movie.  Schedule a massage.  Get your hair or nails done.  Enjoy a bubble bath.  Take a nap.  Do something special  just for you!!!

No matter which group you belong to, no matter how you choose to celebrate or not celebrate, remember... if we love ourselves, we all have love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love,  Paula

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