Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Dress

I'm sure you've all heard about and seen "the dress";  Black & Blue versus White & Gold.  I'm sure most of you are also sick of hearing about it too.  Sorry... I'm going to bring it up again, but for different reasons.

The day it was all over the news and internet, my husband was watching TV while I was in the kitchen doing dishes.  When the picture was on TV he called me in and asked me what color the dress was.  I immediately answered Blue and Black.  He saw Gold and White.

What occurred to me through this process is that we must all see the world around us differently.  Not just in our attitudes, beliefs and perceptions, but we really see things differently.  We walk around assuming that we're all seeing the same thing.  This makes the point that we aren't.  My husband made the comment that if he and I saw the same robbery, we'd probably give the police totally different descriptions of the robbers.

This whole thing was a real eye-opener for me.  It has made me look at things differently.  We need to be more understanding and compassionate toward other people.  Although we think we know what they are seeing, we now know that we truly have no idea.  As I mentioned in my blog "It's All A Matter Of Perspective" dated April 7, 2014, we all see things differently... it's all a matter of perspective.  Instead of arguing because we KNOW we're right, we should try to be more understanding.  I'm sure the other person or people are sure they're right too.  If we can open our minds and hearts, maybe we can begin to see things from they're perspective as well as ours.  Maybe we'll realize that although we're right, they can be right too.  I think it's an exercise worth trying.  And all this came about because of... The Dress!

Love,  Paula

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