Monday, March 9, 2015

Dreams Part 3 - Lessons

On April 21, 2014 I posted a blog called "Dreams".  In it I described the four types of dreams that I have experienced.  The following week, April 28, 2014 in a blog called "Visit Dreams", I wrote about my most recent "visit" dream.

I have never before even considered sharing any of my "lesson" dreams.  I always felt that they were specific to me - my lessons.  But at this time I'm feeling led to share.  Recently I've been having a barrage of lesson dreams.  They're all different but seem to be trying to teach me the same two lessons.  If you remember, I mentioned that lesson dreams are usually kind of weird.  I think that's to get our attention.  I'll try to give you a condensed version of one of my lesson dreams to show you what I'm talking about.

DREAM:  There were two queen sized beds in my bedroom on opposite sides of the room facing each other.  There was a squirrel on the bed that I sleep in.  I sat on the other bed watching it.  I didn't want it to get off the bed and not know where it was.  Even though they're cute, they are wild animals and they can be destructive in a house.  The squirrel acted like the bed was a cage and wasn't looking like it was going to go anywhere.  I wouldn't necessarily call what I was feeling fear, but it was definitely concern.    It was getting late and I wanted to go to bed.  My husband was in another room so I got up to get him so he could get the squirrel out of the bed.  At that moment the squirrel seemed agitated and looked like it was going to jump off the bed and run.  There wasn't time to get my husband.  I was going to have to do this myself.  I had to get the squirrel off the bed and out of the house.  Then a funny thing happened.  As I approached the bed, the squirrel turned into a cute, fluffy kitten.

LESSON:  If I face my fears (squirrel), I'll probably find out that there was really nothing there to fear (kitten).

I've had five "lesson" dreams in the last week.  I wanted to share one of them so you might better understand what I'm talking about.

I keep a dream journal so that I can look back on my dreams and try to understand what lessons I'm being taught,  I would encourage everyone to do the same.  You may be thinking you're just having weird dreams.  Maybe you ate something that caused it.  But in fact, they may be lessons and you should be paying attention.  By keeping a journal you can look back on your dreams.  You may find a pattern that will help you understand what your lessons are.  At the very least, it's fun!  But it can also be helpful on your life's journey.

Right now my lessons are:  1. Face my fears and, 2. Look for opportunities where I least expect them.

What are YOUR lessons?

Love,  Paula

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