Monday, April 13, 2015

Dream Part 5 - Help Dreams

In my blog "Dreams" dated April 14, 2014, I mentioned four types of dreams that I have experienced.  During this past week I was reminded of a fifth type of dream.  I'll call it the "Help" dream.  I only remember experiencing this type of dream twice.  The first time was probably 10 to 15 years ago, which is why I forgot about it.  The second time was this past week.  In this type of dream, someone - or several people - come to you for help.  They can be someone you know or people that you don't know.  You may not even know what their problem or situation is, you just know that they need your help.  It's almost like a "Visit" dream except it's intense and has a very specific purpose.

In my first "Help" dream, I saw a family in a car.  It felt like they had been in an accident although I didn't actually see that.  I just knew they needed help.  I couldn't even discern what kind of help they needed, but I knew it was important to help them NOW!  In my dream state I began to pray for them. I woke up while I was praying and continued to pray while I was awake.  I finally remembered to ask angels to go and help them.  THEN I was able to go back to sleep

Do I know if these people or this situation was real or not?  I'll probably never know.  But it was so urgent in my dream state that I felt it was important to send prayer.  I don't feel praying is ever wasted. If there wasn't a family in a car somewhere that might be needing prayer, I'm certain that SOMEWHERE someone needed prayers and angelic help and I sent that to them.

In my most recent "Help" dream, someone I know seemed to be in a "dark" place.  Not a physical dark place, more emotionally dark.  It felt like depression... maybe even thoughts of suicide.  In the dream state, I was fighting to keep holding onto this person's hand.  I kept repeating and repeating, "I love you, I love you, I love you."  I woke up repeating, "I love you", so while I was awake I kept it up.

Now, since this was someone I know, I contacted this person the next day to make sure they were alright.  They were just fine.  So I don't know if we were preventing something from happening in the future.  Or maybe this person was a surrogate and we were BOTH helping someone else.  It really doesn't matter.  You don't need to understand.  What matters is that you follow your guidane and do the work.  When you're awake and someone needs your help, you help them.  Remember that you can do the same thing in your dreams.

Love,  Paula

PS.  I was at a class and another attendee asked if we could pray for her grandson before we all left.  She didn't give us any details except his name.  We stood in a circle and prayed for him.  After the class was over I asked her how old her grandson was and if there was depression involved.  He happened to be the person in my dream's age and yes, depression was an issue.  Now I'm SURE the person in my dream was a surrogate for this young man and that was the person the "Help" dream was about.

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