Monday, March 11, 2013

My Big "IT"

I just read, "What you need is always there for you.  Sometimes you just can't see it."  How true!  I've been a Reiki Master Teacher since 2000.  I love Reiki.  It's done many wonderful things for me and for people I've worked on.  The great thing about Reiki is, all you need are your hands.   Of course it's lovely when you can have a private space with music, candles, and incense, but that's not necessary.  I've administered Reiki at picnics, parties, offices and events.  And it works.  It's a wonderful healing modality.  Yet I've been spending years wondering what my big "IT" was.  I do Reiki, but A LOT of people do Reiki.  And most of them also offer other things; massage, aroma therapy, Cranio Sacral, reflexology.  So I always thought, "Okay, it's nice to do Reiki, but I need something else."  Like I said, I've been searching for years.  Nothing "spoke" to me.

While searching, my close friends have been encouraging me to DO REIKI.  They would tell me that that's where my talents are.  But would I listen?  Oh no, I just kept searching... and searching... and searching.  I always had the feeling that what I was searching for was right in front of me, but somehow I couldn't see it - I couldn't reach it.

Remember my post of 1/28/13 - "I'm Ready"?  When my whole house was covered in construction dust, I decided that I needed to clean my healing space when I had no clients or classes scheduled.  I had to BE ready.

Well, I don't know when, where, or how the light bulb lit, but I finally figured out my big "IT" is Reiki. Duh!  So what I was searching for all these years WAS right in front of my face.  It was there all along.  I just didn't "see" it.  Once I made that discovery, I got a student and six new clients.  And I was ready.

My point in writing this is to remind you that whatever you're looking for may just be right in front of you.  It doesn't necessarily have to be big or flashy.  Most often it's the little things that are with you all the time.

Love,  Paula

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