Monday, August 29, 2016

Angels Among Us

As I mentioned in last week's blog, I was in an automobile accident on April 20th. It was a surreal experience - one I hope to NEVER repeat. I try to understand, look for the lessons and look for the good in all situations.

Right after the accident happened, I think even before my car stopped spinning, a wonderful stranger came over. On his way to my car, he called 911 and explained the situation. Police, fire department and paramedics were alerted. When he got to my car, he opened the door to check and see how I was doing and what kind of help I needed. He kept me conscious and alert by constantly and gently talking with me and holding my hand until the paramedics arrived. He was on his lunch break from work. He didn't know me. He took about 45 minutes out of his life to help and be with a total stranger. His gentle kindness and caring can never be repaid and will never be forgotten. He was my angel at that moment in time.

Someone very close to me recently had an accident. He had several angels show up. Several high school girls were walking up the road. They saw he was bleeding and in need. They happened to have baby wipes on them. They gave the wipes to him to help clean up his wounds. A person that lived near by came and sat with him until help arrived. Several passers by stopped to see if they could help in any way.

Night after night all you hear on the news are the "bad" things that happen - robberies, shootings, drugs. It makes you feel like the whole world and all the people in it are corrupt and awful. The Angels are out there. It may be the person that says the right thing to you at the right time. An unexpected phone call. Help that arrives at the exact right moment. It may be someone you know or it may be a complete stranger. Look for your angels. They're out there. When you experience the kindness of perfect strangers like I have, it gives you a warm hope for humanity. You can't help but KNOW that there are Angels Among Us.

Love, Paula

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