Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Wisdom

We are having our first significant snowfall of the season. The city is turned into a winter wonderland.  While watching the snow fall, I was reminded of a "wisdom" that my dad shared with me many years ago.  He was a very wise and wonderful man and will probably be referred to often in my blogs.  He told me to watch the seasons.  Nature tells us about the beauty of life.  Spring is when new life is bursting forth.  The flowers, buds, grass, leaves are all in bloom and it is beautiful.  Dad said that spring represents birth through childhood: learning, growth, curiosity.  And THAT is beautiful.  Summer is the time when everything has reached maturity.  It's warm, sunny and full of life.  Dad said that summer represents adulthood.  We work, fall in love, marry, form friendships, and generally live our lives.  Again, beautiful.  Autumn is when the leaves turn such gorgeous colors.  It's my favorite time of year.  The beauty is breathtaking.  Autumn represents dying.  There is beauty in the dying process.  And winter, with the beautiful blanket of snow represents death.  There is even beauty in death.  He said that nature tries to tell us that there is a beauty in every stage of life and there is nothing to fear.  The rhythms of life, as the rhythms of nature, are beautiful.  

Love,  Paula

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