Monday, March 26, 2012

Love Yourself (Right Where You Are)

I happened to be watching "The Today Show" last week while eating breakfast.  I looked up one time and Matt, Al, Anne and Savanna were standing outside on the plaza.  It struck me how uncomfortable they looked.

Savanna is a tall, beautiful, model looking woman.  Looking at her you'd think she had everything going for her; what every woman would like to be.  Yet there she was, slouching and looking uncomfortable with her height.

Matt and Al also looked uncomfortable with her height.  Men are supposed to be taller than women after all.  Here were these two well known, well respected, multi-millionaires looking uncomfortable with and intimidated by this tall woman.

The only one that looked the least bit comfortable in her own skin was Anne.  She is exactly what society dictates.  She's the right height and weight.  Not too short because, of course, THAT isn't good.  But still she's shorter than the men because we all know how important THAT is.  And you can't be a pound too heavy because you have this image to uphold and these clothes you have to wear and make look good.

I really felt bad for all of them AND all of us who buy into society's "rules" for how we should look, be, think, say and do.  There's no allowance for individuality and variety.  How sad that people who are too short, too tall, too heavy, too thin, too much hair, too little hair, the wrong style of hair or clothes and so on are made to feel less than, not good enough and judged.  Why can't we all love each other right where we are?  More importantly, why can't we love OURSELVES right where we are?  I think that's where we need to start.  If we love ourselves, I mean REALLY love ourselves, it won't matter what anyone else thinks.  And when we love ourselves, we send out an energy of that love and confidence that other people pick up on.  If every person did that, it would impact and peacefully change the world.  So I challenge you (and myself) to start right now working on truly loving yourself and let's see how your world will change.

Love, Paula

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