Monday, August 27, 2012


In last week's blog I talked about getting together with a friend who was going through the same things I'm going through. It occurred to me that it might be helpful to you if I shared those things with you.

In January, I had bunion surgery on my left foot. Two years ago I had the same surgery on my right foot and had no problems. This time the foot wouldn't heal. I'm still using a bone stimulating machine on it to help it heal... over six months later.

While camping, I fell over the gate on a trailer that I KNEW was down. I "flapped" the palm on my left hand and I injured the index finger of my left hand. The palm has healed but left a scar. The index finger hasn't healed and is weak. I'm left handed.

Then while playing with my grandchildren, something snapped in my left buttocks. It's healing but is still sore.

Finally, I lost a filling in a tooth on the left side of my mouth. I went to the dentist. He worked on me for over an hour. When it came time to scrap and shape the filling, it fell out. I have to go back and he's going to put pins in it to hold it in. I never heard of such a thing.

All of these things happened on my left side and, except for the bunion surgery, everything happened within a month and a half. My friend is having left side issues also. It FINALLY occurred to me that maybe the universe was trying to get my attention.

I started asking friends if they "got" anything on this. My first friend told me that the left side is the receiving side. She said that there is something there for me but I don't "see" it so I keep tripping over it.

Other friends mentioned that the left side is also the feminine side. They feel that I need to do things that feed the feminine... massages, readings, dancing, window shopping, meditating, spending time alone in nature, spending time with female friends, things like that. Both of those suggestions seem to apply.

My point in telling you all this is that it is so important to live consciously. Pay attention to your body, your life, and all that is going on around you. Sometimes random things just happen. But if a couple of things happen, pay attention to that. MAYBE there's a lesson there. MAYBE the universe is trying to get your attention. Listen, learn the lesson, and grow.

Love, Paula

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