Monday, September 17, 2012

Personal Power

There are things I just KNOW, but being human, I occasionally forget. I know that we are powerful, creator beings. Unfortunately, I often give away my power. Let me try to explain.
We have the power every single minute of every single day to be happy, sad, angry, upset, or at peace no matter what is going on around us. It's a CHOICE. We can let things that people say or do upset us. But the minute we do that, we've given away our power. We've given them the power to upset us. Does that make sense? We can respond with anger or discontent OR we can choose to hold on to our personal power and be at peace. The choice is ALWAYS ours.

There are other ways in which we give away our power. Many of us are "people pleasers." We just want everyone to be happy so we agree to do things that don't even really make sense just to make them happy.

Recently a friend and I were going to an event together out of town. I was going to drive. She lives in a nearby town and wanted me to go there to pick her up. She said it would be closer. I agreed... gave away my power to please her. Eventually with the help of another friend, I realized that this wasn't the best idea. We talked and decided to meet at a more convenient place for BOTH of us. I didn't want to take her power, but I also didn't want her to take mine. She realized that the original plan was closer for her, not me. By changing the plan, we both got to keep our personal power and enjoyed a special day.

I'm not talking about being aggressive, bossy and always having to have our own way. It's not that kind of power. It's the power of choice. Being human there will probably be times when we slip up. But as soon as we realize it, we can take back our power and continue to be happy and at peace.

Love, Paula

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