Monday, October 15, 2012


As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I attended a spiritual fair in the Cleveland area several weeks ago to see James Twyman. I wrote about the concept of spiriting through problems instead of spiriting around them.

There was another topic that really spoke to me. I was fortunate to be able to attend a small group reception before the actual talk. There were only six of us and James Twyman. It was like sitting in your home with friends having a discussion. Someone asked, "If we're supposed to be evolving, why are so many awful things happening around the world and why does it seem like things are getting worse instead of better?"

His answer surprised me. He said that most people imagine evolution as a slow, steady climb - like a long straight line from the bottom to the top. He said that is not the way it goes at all. It's like the human race is moving toward a brick wall. The closer they get, the more momentum they build (problems, discord) until they hit it. Then there's no place to go but up. So... we jump up. That's how we reach a new plateau in evolution.

I hope he's right. There is so much strife in our country and around the world. His explanation of evolution gives me hope... hope for humanity and the planet. It feels like the momentum is reaching it's peak. I'm seeing the brick wall.

Ready?..... JUMP!!!

Love, Paula

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