Monday, April 29, 2013

It's ALL a Gift

I often talk about the gifts in life.  Big and small, they're everywhere.  We just have to train ourselves to look for them... to SEE them.

The other night there was a full moon.  We had a clear night sky so it was shining brilliantly.  My husband was at a meeting.  When he was on his way home he called me to make sure I got out to see it.  That was two gifts for me:  1.  The beautiful full moon; and  2.  My husband appreciating it enough to call me so I could see it too.  Obviously the moon is there for everyone.  But I wonder how many people took the time to go outside, stand there for awhile and appreciate that beautiful gift.

My neighbors have an above ground pool.  Every year before they open the pool, a couple of ducks use the water on the cover to mate and eventually train their ducklings to swim.  When they're big enough, the mother takes the babies to a pond at a nearby college campus.  What a gift to be able to watch this process every year.

Garth Brooks said, "You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy."  If you can look at life from a different perspective you'll realize that we ALL have something money can't buy.  We're All abundant... we're ALL wealthy.

I read, "Most people wake up expecting the same thing as the day before.  Wake up expecting something different, incredible, wonderful."  Maybe that's what people are doing wrong.  I think we need to train ourselves to look at things differently... to EXPECT the different, incredible, and wonderful.  We need to appreciate our world and everything in it.  It's ALL a gift.

Love,  Paula

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