Monday, May 13, 2013

8 Days Without The Internet

In my blog "The Day Without a Computer" dated 11/26/12, I talked about a day without my computer. Well, let me tell you about my EIGHT days without the internet.  That's right, I said EIGHT DAYS WITHOUT THE INTERNET!!!!!  Our provider apparently had a huge problem that affected the whole city.  We called them several times throughout the eight days.  Three of the four times I called, the man on the other end of the line simply told us that they were experiencing a problem, the technical team was aware of it, and we would receive a recorded call when the problem was resolved.  After three days, we did receive a recorded call that the problem was corrected and if we still had a problem we should call the number they gave us.  We still had a problem.  I called the number.  The man at the other end said they were experiencing a problem, the tech team was aware of it, and we would receive a recorded call when the problem was corrected.  I told him that we did in fact receive a call.  He told us to reboot the system.  I assured him that we already did that.  He told us to keep trying.  That was all the help we got.

On the eighth day I called again.  This time I was less than pleasant.  This time I was not exactly understanding.  I was connected with a woman from the Philippines instead of a man from India.  She was so helpful and patient.  She stayed with us for 50 minutes and walked us through every task.  She got us up and running.  I have to wonder, if we talked to her originally could this all have been resolved a week earlier than it was?

Well, now that I've vented, I'm wondering what the lessons in all of this are... I believe there are always lessons.  Sarcastically I'd say, "If you want to get the job done, make sure you talk to a woman."  Or, be unpleasant at the start.  Or maybe the citizens of the Philippines have a better work ethic than those of India.

Seriously though, the real lessons are probably patience, persistence and the realization that the world goes on whether you have Internet or not.  You can still work.  You can still play.  You can still eat and sleep.  You can still connect with people.  Amazing as it sounds, life still goes on and is still worth living.  I'm glad to know that, but I've got to say... I prefer life with the Internet.

Love,  Paula

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