Monday, August 26, 2013

"Good" vs "Bad"

It's interesting to me how sometimes when something we consider "bad" happens, something "good" can come out of it.  Of course nothing is REALLY good or bad.  They're just experiences.  It's the judgement we make about them that makes them "good" or "bad".

When my brother passed away, of course I considered that bad.  But a cousin who lives in North Carolina sent flowers.  I haven't seen, talked to, or even heard about him in 40 plus years.  I sent him a thank you note and we've now reconnected.  Some unexpected  old friends and neighbors came to my brother's service and we've now also reconnected.  Reliable, wonderful family and friends came forward with help, love and support.

My mother was steadily declining for years before she left us.  People around her were wonderful.  They would visit, call, bring her food, offer to take her places and sent cards.

When a catastrophe such as an earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, flood, fire,  or any other disaster happens, it's heartwarming to see people come forward with money, goods and help of all kinds.  If you can look for and recognize the good that happens because of a bad event, it helps to make it more tolerable.  It helps you to get through it and come out of it stronger and better than before.

Love, Paula

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