Monday, September 16, 2013


The other night our power went out.  When there's an electrical storm,  I kind of expect it.  I'll light one candle, get out flashlights, gather other candles and make sure there are matches and /or lighters handy... just in case.  But this time was different.  There was no storm, no high winds.  It was a hot, muggy night with a sliver moon and beautiful stars out.  Totally unexpectedly, everything went dark.  I'm talking D-A-R-K!!!  Since I was not prepared, it was difficult getting around.  My husband found his way into the basement to retrieve flashlights so we could at least function.

We went outside to see if it was just our problem.  It was not.  EVERYWHERE  was completely dark. No lights, no tv, no computer, and NO AIR CONDITIONING!!!  As I mentioned before, it was a hot, muggy night.  Even though it was long after dark, it was in the 90s and was probably at least 90 percent humidity.

Since there was nothing we could really do, we decided to just go to bed early.  While I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep, I started thinking about how people must have lived before all our technology.  Early pioneers had no electric lights, tv, radio, computer, air conditioning, or even fans.  And they had to wear so many clothes... especially the women.  Women had to cook over open fires no mater what the outside temperature was because that was all they had.  The men worked hard in the fields. There was no relief except sitting in the shade or going inside a stuffy house.  In winter, the only heat radiated from a fireplace.  The further away you were, the colder you got.

It made me feel so very grateful for all the conveniences I have.  So I went to sleep, not complaining about the power being out and not having my air conditioning on such a hot, muggy night; but rather being grateful for all the conveniences I DO have and knowing the power would come back on...  eventually.

Love,  Paula

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