Sunday, June 1, 2014


I was recently reminded that we are all responsible for our own lives.  Sometimes it's obvious to us.  Sometimes it's not so obvious.

As I've mentioned several times before, I'm a Reiki Master Teacher.  This means I can administer Reiki treatments.  I can also teach Reiki to others.

I recently had a Reiki client who reminded me about taking responsibility for my OWN health.  The ironic thing is she came to me for help - which hopefully happened - but she has no idea how much she  helped me.  This client gave me permission to share her story.  I will not use her real name though.  I'll call her Mary.

Mary called me one day asking for a Reiki appointment.  I didn't know her so I asked how she got my name.  She told me the name of the person that told her about me.  I didn't know that person either.  I don't really have a "business", you see.  I don't advertise either.  I could go six months or longer without a client.  I feel that if people are supposed to find me, they will.  In the mean time I keep my skills "honed" by volunteering to do Reiki for hospice patients.

Mary and I set up an appointment.  When she got here I found out that she had undergone a double mastectomy.  She is going to have reconstructive surgery so she has expanders implanted in preparation for the surgery.  Her body seems to be rejecting the expanders.  That's why she came to me.

I'm not a medium, but sometimes when I do Reiki I "get" information.  Mary's outer appearance suggests that she's a calm, collected, together individual, but what I "got"was that she had anger issues that were causing her illness.  She immediately understood and started telling me what she was angry about.  We discussed ways to deal with and get rid of the anger.  We then made another appointment for a couple days later.

When she came back, she told me all the work she did to get rid of the anger for that one issue.  Then a different issue popped up.  I told her to continue working with the anger in the same way if that worked for her.  I also gave her other methods to work with if she wanted to try something different.  We then did the Reiki to support the other work that was going on.  Before she left, we set up one more appointment.

When she came back a few days later, she told me how she dealt with that and two more issues that came up between the appointments.  This woman is amazing!  She HEARD what I was saying.  She understood.  She didn't make excuses.  She didn't put the blame on anyone or anything else.  She didn't get upset with me for suggesting that maybe she had something to do with her health issues.  This is a person who is willing to take responsibility for her health.  This is a woman who will heal.  She's getting to the very root of the problem and healing that, so that everything else will follow suit.  SHE IS MY HERO!

Now it's my turn.  I have high cholesterol and I refuse to take statin drugs for it.  First of all, it may help lessen cholesterol, but it has SO MANY side effects - some of which seem worse than the high cholesterol.  Second of all, to me it's like putting a band-aid on a broken leg.  It's treating the symptoms not the cause of the illness.  So I'm working on changing my diet.  I'm working on exercising more frequently.  I'm taking natural supplements.  And I'm trying to get an understanding of any underlying causes.  Mary has been an outstanding example for me.  I hope her story can be a good example for all of you too.

Love,  Paula

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