Monday, December 8, 2014

Teachers In Disguise

The other day as I was talking to my youngest son, I found myself judging a person I knew of, had met, but didn't really know.  Even as I was taking I couldn't believe I was being so critical, but I couldn't stop myself.  Who was I to be judging ANYONE?!!!

The next day I remembered a "teaching" I had received.  The people that show up in your life are a reflection of YOU.  They mirror something about yourself that you either like, or don't like.  Since this person shows up in my life every so often, I realized that I had to look at her and see what it was about her that didn't set well with me.

In my opinion this person is snobby, condescending and kind of full of herself.  W-O-W!  Is that how some people see ME?!!!  I think I'm friendly, outgoing and a pretty nice person over all.  Maybe she sees herself that way as well.  She has friends that probably see her that way, but to "outsiders" she's not quite so friendly.  Maybe it's a protection mechanism.  Do I do that?  Am I closed off to strangers or new people I meet?  What an eye opener.  This is an issue I need to start paying attention to and start working on.  I am so grateful to this person for showing up in my life to teach me how to be a better person.  I have some work to do.

Try to remember my story when someone shows up in your life that makes you uncomfortable.  They can be some of your best teachers.  They can show you things that need improvement in your own life.  Be grateful for them.  They may be "Teachers In Disguise'

Love,  Paula

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