Monday, August 26, 2019

Moon Bathing

The other day my husband and I went to a Seawolves Game.  The Seawolves are our local minor league baseball team.  The ballfield is beautiful and it's a pleasure just to be there.  The weather cooperated which made it even better.  It was an exciting game and truly a fun night.

On the way home from the game  my husband noticed the moon.  It was a full moon and it was GORGEOUS!!!  As we were marvelling at The incredible beauty of the moon, it occurred to me that the moon doesn't shine on it's own.  It simply reflects the light of the sun.

In last week's blog I mentioned that I'd rather moon bathe than sunbathe.  Well if "moon light" is just the sun's light reflecting off the moon, then by moon bathing I AM actually sunbathing.

Let me correct last week's blog...  I would rather sunbathe in the evening than sunbathe during the day.

Life is just so much fun!

Love,  Paula

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