Monday, July 12, 2021


When I was in college, I took a literature class. The professor was interesting and taught concepts that were new to me...different. She explained that GOOD literature has many levels so it could reach many people at their specific level of understanding at that time. She was in favor of re-reading books because your understanding changes as you grow. She talked in depth about metaphors and challenged us to look for metaphores in our daily lives.

Shortly after that we were invited to a birthday party at my sister-in-law's. Let me set the stage: They lived in a typical ranch house BUT they had a finished basement with a family room and a dining room in it. The bathrooms however, were on the main floor.

My brother-in-law's family were all HIGHLY educated. They were very warm, friendly people, but you got the feeling of intellectual superiority...we were beneath them.

As the party was going on, individuals would go upstairs to use the bathroom. No big deal. BUT when I finally went up, ALL of my brother-in-law's family were in the living room and ALL of our family was still in the basement. I laughed out loud and no one knew why. Talk about metophors in life...we WERE beneath them!!!

I forgot all about that until recently. I'm so glad to have remembered that concept. I'm starting to see the metaphors in my life again. It truly makes life more interesting. I challenge you...and look for the metaphors in YOUR life. It helps you go through life more consciously...and it's fun!

Love, Paula

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