Monday, January 17, 2022

The Choice is Yours

There is this cartoon on Facebook put up by Good People News that I love. There are two characters. The first one says, "Aren't you terrified of what 2022 could be like? Everything is so messed up..." The second one answers, "I think it will bring flowers." The first on responds, "Yes? Why?" The second one says, "Because I'm planting flowers."

I love this analogy SO MUCH! Everything is energy...even our thoughts, words and actions. Our thoughts, words and actions are important energy because that is our creative energy...that is the energy we use to create our lives. If we are thinking, feeling and speaking fearful emotions, that is the energy we bring into our life and the kind of life we will live. If we are thinking, feeling and speaking love, joy, peace and happiness, we bring THAT energy into our life and that is the kind of life we will live. We're all human and sometimes we may find ourselves entertaining some of those negative energies. But the wonderful thing about that is that as soon as we realize that is what we are doing, we can STOP it and CHANGE our thoughts. It's that simple. And the more we do it, the easier it becomes.

So how is YOUR 2022 going to be? Are you going to be "terrified", or are you going to "plant flowers"? The choice is yours.

Love, Paula

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