Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Good Examples

I'm finding a new appreciation these days for the simple things in life.  Walking.  Simple, right?  Well, not for me right now.  I'm very fortunate though.  I know that in a few more weeks I'll be up, walking and on my way to a total recovery.  I'll be running and playing with my grandkids in just a couple more months.

A lot of people aren't so fortunate.   Some steadily worsen.  Some for whatever reason find themselves suddenly in a wheelchair and know that they'll never walk again.

Before she passed away in 2008, my mother experienced a steady decline in her physical mobility.  It was gradual and painful.  Arthritis slowly took over her body.  She went from walking normally, to walking slowly, to walking with a cane, then a walker and then a wheelchair.  She never complained, but gracefully accepted her fate.  She took one day at a time and simply did the best she could.

A friend of mine found herself in a wheelchair by the age of 50 after a bazaar set of circumstances.  She will never be able to walk again.  After a long depression, she has come out on the other side.  She lives alone, works, does house work, cooks, and is living a full live.

I have so much admiration for both of these women and the many others that I don't know personally.  It would be so easy for them to just give up or to spend their lives complaining.  But they chose not to do that.  They chose life, They chose to live each day fully to the best of their ability knowing that their physical condition would never improve.

Knowing people like this makes me appreciate my health more.  It really helps to put things in perspective.  What's going on in my life right now is inconvenient, but I know I'll be better shortly.  I don't know if I could be as brave as my mom was and my friend and so many others are.  I hope I never have to find out.  But for now I intend to embrace my life and live it as fully as I can.

Love,  Paula

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