Monday, December 10, 2012

Power Up

I need to remind myself - and therefore all of you - about holding onto my personal power. I know that no one can hurt me by the things they say and do (or don't say and don't do), unless I give them the power to do that. But it's not always easy. When someone close to you says or does hurtful things, it's not always easy to stay centered. We're human after all and sometimes you just feel hurt and have to work your way through it.

There's also the issue of not being a doormat. If you work your way through the hurt, do you just move on and act like nothing happened? Do you wait for an apology? Do you just avoid that person until you feel in a better space? Or do you initiate discussion and try to work things out?

I guess the answer is as individual as the people and the situation involved. It depends on how important the person is to you. But the most important thing is how does it make YOU feel? If you're upset, angry, or hurt, you don't want to hold those feelings inside of you. They will only make you sick and really not hurt the other person (or people) involved at all. So I would say that in most cases, it's probably best to let the person(s) know that they hurt or upset you and why. Hopefully you can have a calm exchange and things can be resolved. If not, at least you've had the opportunity to get things off your chest so that you're not holding things in and compromising your own health.

Love, Paula

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