Monday, May 5, 2014

Highest and Best Good

I am often asked - as I'm sure all of you are - to pray, send light, send good energy, or send Reiki to people or situations for a specific purpose.  I always feel privileged, honored and humbled by these requests and am more than happy to help out.

Most people have very specific requests:
 "I have a job interview.  Please send some good energy."  "We put in a bid on a house.  Pray that we get it."  You get the idea, people are asking for VERY specific things.  But I think there's a reason for the adage "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it."  We don't always know what is in our best interest.  That house for example might have all kinds of problems that you wouldn't know about until you've purchased it and are living in it.  Then it's too late.  Or maybe that house would be okay, but there's an even better one out there for you.  The same with the job.  You may think this is THE job, but maybe there is one more suited to you.  You may never know about the other job if you get this one.

When I was taking Reiki, one of the things my Reiki Master said that really stuck with me is that we should ask that the Reiki session be for the clients "highest and best good."  Of course I always do that for my Reiki clients.  But eventually it occurred to me that I should do that for all of it; prayers, Reiki, sending light and/or sending good energy.  It's so effective.  It makes so much sense.  Now when I receive any of these requests, I always ask that this prayer, energy, light, or Reiki be for the highest and best good for all involved... and I know it is.

  Love, Paula

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