Monday, April 28, 2014

"Visit" Dreams

Last week I talked about four different types of dreams.  This week I'd like to talk specifically about visits.

My dad crossed over in 1992.   He "visited" me frequently for about 2-1/2 years afterward.  One time I wasn't even sleeping.  Dad continued to teach me even after death.  We enjoyed being able to still spend time together.  After about 2-1/2 years he apparently moved on because the visits stopped.  I miss seeing him and talking with him, but it's okay.  I know he's doing what he needs to do.  I believe that if I really needed him, he'd be here for me.  But at least for now, we're both doing okay right where we are.

My mother passed away in 2008.  She has visited a few times, but not nearly as much as my dad did.  A little over a month ago though, she came for an interesting visit:

I was in a building that was like a warehouse.  There were long tables with chairs on both sides.  There were beings sitting at those tables.  I saw my brother and a cousin sitting across the table from each other talking.  They both passed away this last year.  I went over and gave my brother a big hug and told him that I loved him.  He laughed while we hugged.  Then I saw my mother a couple of tables away.  I went over to her and it was like everything else in the room disappeared.  We sat, talked and laughed a lot.  We reminisced about our lives together.  After what seemed like hours, I asked her if there was anything I did that really bothered her.  She said no.  Then she said, "Well, when your sisters came to Erie for a visit, you tended to dominate the conversations.  That's about it."  I said, "Yeah, I do talk a lot."  We both had a hardy laugh.  Then she asked me if I had anything else I wanted to say.  I KNEW this was it.  I KNEW she was leaving and I probably wouldn't be seeing her again.  I said, "Just I love you."  As she was leaving I repeated, "Love you, love you, love you, love you, love you."  Then she was gone.

That was the most intense and special visit that I've ever had.  I think to this point she stayed around to make sure we were all okay.  My sister suggested that maybe she was waiting for my brother.  In any case, I know that she has moved on.  As with my dad, I'll miss seeing her and talking with her, but it's okay.  I know she's doing what she needs to do.  I believe that if I really needed her, she'd be here for me.  But at least for  now, we're both doing okay right where we are.

Love,  Paula

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