Monday, July 14, 2014


I frequently quip that I have a "lunch ministry".  I get together with friends, acquaintances, family and sometimes possible future friends and/or clients while having lunch.  It's a good way to keep in touch if it's friends, family or acquaintances.  In a relaxed and non threatening atmosphere, people are more likely to talk about things that are bothering them or concerning to them.  Sometimes I just have to listen.  They need to get it out.  Sometimes they're looking for guidance, insight, or opinions.

The other night I was out dancing while my husband was singing.  I spent time talking to everyone - people I knew AND people I didn't know.  I invited everyone to come out on the floor and dance.  I wanted everyone to have fun and feel comfortable.  When the evening was over I thought - half kiddingly, "This is my dancing ministry."

NOW I was curious.  What exactly does "ministry" mean?  Besides the obvious definition of having to do with a religious calling, The Free Dictionary says it's "The act of serving.  To attend to the wants and needs of others."  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says, "A person or thing through which something is accomplished.  To give aid or service."  So my lunches and dancing can actually be considered ministries.

It occurs to me that we can all make anything and everything we do a ministry.  From the smallest comment to the grandest gesture, our words and actions can be considered a ministry if it "serves, aids or is of service" to someone.  In some way or another I guess we're all ministers.  If we can remember that and consciously act accordingly, our lives and the lives of everyone we come in contact with can change for the better forever.

Love,  Paula

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