Monday, June 15, 2015


Have you ever had that experience of talking with or being with someone and when you part, you are exhausted?  I think we all have at one time or another.  When that happens, we've unknowingly allowed someone to "take" our energy.

As I've mentioned many times before, I am a Reiki Master Teacher.  While working with a student a couple of weeks ago, the subject of protection came up.  As healers we open ourselves up, so we have to protect ourselves.  This is an energy protection.  We don't want to give our energy to our clients.  We also don't want to take on any of our clients' energies.  My student was having a problem with taking on her client's energy of sadness.  With each therapy session, my student was feeling more and more sadness.  She forgot to protect herself.

It occurred to me that maybe we should ALL protect ourselves every day.  We never know where or with whom we'll find ourselves.  We could easily be giving away our energy or taking on someone else's energy without even knowing it.

I would suggest starting each day by visualizing yourself inside a white or translucent bubble.  It's over you, under you, in front of you,  in back of you, and on both sides of you.  You're totally enveloped by this bubble.  Nothing discordant can get inside your bubble and your energy stays in there with you.  Please feel free to try this visualization.  At the end of the day, see if you feel better and have more energy.  It doesn't cost anything and may just help.

Love,  Paula

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