Monday, June 1, 2015

"Lean On Me"

People these days seem to be fixated on independence.  Our society has put such value on being independent from as early in life as possible to as late in life as possible.  My questions are, "What's wrong with being inter dependant?  What EXACTLY is independence?

Webster's Dictionary defines independence as:
a) Freedom from outside control OR support
b) The time when a country or region gains political freedom from outside control

Can anyone REALLY live independently?  Can anyone REALLY live without outside support?  If you think you can, you're kidding yourself.  We depend on the gas company to provide our homes with gas.  We depend on the electric company to provide our homes with electricity.  We depend on our stores to have groceries, clothes, toiletries, or whatever when ever we want them.  Even if we decide to live as a hermit in the woods somewhere, we depend on nature to provide for us - fish, animals, seeds, fruits from trees and bushes, trees for shelter - you get the idea.  There really is no such thing as total independence.

We are all inter dependent.  What's wrong with that?  What's wrong with me helping you, and you helping me?  Who decided that needing help and support wasn't a good thing?

Now I'm not talking about always receiving without ever giving.  I've talked about that in previous blogs.  If you don't give AND receive, the energy gets stuck and that promotes unbalance and possibly illness.  We should give and receive equally.  That's what keeps the energy moving.

The other day while driving to work, the song "Lean On Me" was on the radio.  It was perfect.  It put into words what I was feeling:

"Lean on me when you're not strong.  And I'll be your friend.  I'll help you carry on.  For, it won't be long 'til I'm gonna need somebody to lean on."  ...and there's nothing wrong with that!

Love,  Paula

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