Monday, May 18, 2015

Utopia (Even More Antidote)

While on my way to work last week, I witnessed an accident.  This poor, dear, elderly woman apparently "blacked out" while driving.  Her foot must have been on the gas since her car was going VERY fast through a parking lot.  I slowed down because if I kept my speed, she would have hit my car when she came out of the parking lot.  Instead, she hit a bricked pillar attached to the store who's parking lot she was racing through.

Besides witnessing the accident, I also witnessed the goodness of people.  I pulled over, but immediately several cars and trucks also pulled over.  They weren't just curiosity seekers.  People were genuinely concerned and were trying to help this elderly lady while waiting for emergency vehicles.  There was fluid leaking from the car.  You never know if it's water, oil, or gas.  But these people, who didn't know this woman, had no concerns for their own safety.  Their only concern was to help another human being.

I STRONGLY believe in the goodness of humanity.  Contrary to what you hear on the news, I believe that people are basically good.

I introduced a concept several years ago that I called "The Antidote" (2/20/12).  My idea is that there would be a news program that ONLY reported positive news stories - such as the one I mentioned above.  This news station would be the antidote to all the negative stories spewing from all the other media.  I did a follow-up blog called "More Antidote" dated 2/25/13.

Well, the idea hasn't taken off.  Apparently people enjoy negativity.  THAT"S what sells.  What a shame.  Thoughts and words are powerful.  What you set your thoughts on and what you talk about magnifies those things and draws more of that into your life.  I think it would be wonderful to draw more positive things - NOT negative.  When I see selfless acts such as the one I witnessed the other day, it reinforces my belief in the goodness of humanity.

What if every single person on the planet chose goodness and positivity?  What if we stopped watching, reading, listening to or talking about ALL the negativity out there so that we didn't draw more of that into our lives AND our world?  What do you suppose would happen?  Peace?  Joy?  Happiness?  I understand that it sounds like utopia, but what if it actually worked?!!!

I personally choose to focus on the positive so that I can draw more of that into my life.  What are you choosing for your life?

Love,  Paula

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