Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring Wisdom

In my blog "Winter Wisdom" dated 1/19/12, I talked about one of the wisdoms that my dad imparted to me.  He talked about watching nature to understand life:  Spring = birth and youth, Summer = adult life, Autumn = old age, and Winter = death.  He talked about how nature shows us the beauty in each stage of life.

While I am marveling at the absolute beauty that is all around me this glorious spring season, it occurred to me that spring can mean more than birth - it can also mean rebirth.  The flowers that are blossoming in my garden aren't the same flowers that were here last year, but they are springing fourth from the same bulbs and bushes.  The leaves on the trees aren't the same leaves, but they are emerging from the same trees.  Last year's flowers and leaves died.  They're gone.  But the life force that supported them remains and now supports NEW life.  Do you suppose this lesson can be about spirituality?  Imagine that those flowers and leaves that die represent our human body dying.  But our spirit, soul, essence, life force (trees, bulbs) live on.  They not only live on, but they rebirth us into our NEW lives. just as the trees and bulbs rebirth new flowers and leaves.

Mother Nature is an amazing teacher.  Watch her, listen, learn.  She still has so much to teach us.

Love,  Paula

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