Monday, May 11, 2015

More About Spring

The other day I did my annual ride through The Erie Cemetery.  It's a beautiful, old, 75 acre cemetary right in the heart of the city.  I grew up a block away from it and spent a lot of my youth walking around it.  The cemetery was my special place.  It was where I went to be alone with my thoughts - to meditate.  It was my get-away.  Living in the middle of the city, I was grateful to have such a refuge.  Although anyone can go there at any time, most people didn't have such a wonderful place so easily accessible to them.  I was lucky and I KNEW it.

I no longer live close to the cemetery, but I make it a point to drive by several times in the spring watching the Dog Wood trees.  When they're in full bloom, they are breath taking!  There are many of them disbursed throughout the cemetery.  But there is one stretch of road that is lined on both sides with these gorgeous pink blossomed trees...HEAVEN!  When you walk or drive through them going south, they're beautiful.  But when you turn around and go through them heading north... well, there are just no words to describe them.  They truly take my breath away.

The other day while driving through them in full bloom, they touched my soul.  My heart swelled and I actually cried with gratitude for the beauty that was surrounding me.

In last week's blog I wrote about "Spring Wisdom".  I talked about how spring not only represented birth and youth, but could also mean rebirth.  I find it interesting and kind of ironic that one of my favorite places to experience that rebirth is in a cemetery.  But thinking about it again, it's perfect!

Love,  Paula

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