Monday, September 30, 2019

Flying High

I recently returned from a wonderful visit with my son and daughter-in-law in Los Angeles.  When the jet was about 70 miles from where I live, the pilot's voice came over the speaker and said we should be landing in about 20 minutes.

When you're flying a long distance, the plane is above the clouds.  We were looking at blue skies and sunshine all around us with white fluffy clouds below us.  When the descent started we were enveloped by THICK gray clouds.  It was so thick that you couldn't see anything...not just momentarily, but for almost the entire 20 minutes.  My husband kept looking out of the window hoping to see something before we landed.  Obviously we got through it and landed safely.

It occurred to me that A LOT of faith was involved here.  We had to have faith in our pilot.  We had no other choice.  Our pilot had to have faith in his training, in the instruments on the plane, and in the air traffic controller.  The air traffic controller had to have faith in his instruments, in other air traffic controllers and in the pilot.  It's amazing to me how connected we all are and how we all depend on and support each other.

This can transfer to our daily lives.  Sometimes our lives are all "blue skies and sunshine".  The "clouds" are below us or behind us.  Life is good and we're "flying high".  There are other times when we go through dark times...clouds.  It is then that we seem to tap into our faith.  It is then that we need and look for support from our friends and family

It is important to work on our faith and foster our friendships while we are "flying high".  It is important to help and support other people whenever and however we can.  Hopefully we will always be "flying high".  But if the day comes when we are in the gray clouds, we will have built up our faith and support system to help get us through.

Love,  Paula.

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