Wednesday, September 11, 2019

T-R-U-E Power

My brother-in-law recently passed away.  When someone you know and love passes, it makes you reflect on their life AND on your life.

My brother-in-law was a very kind man, a generous man, a loving man, a humorous man, and a POWERFUL man.

There are different kinds of power.  World leaders, politicians, and heads of industry have power.  They run cities, states, countries and commerce.  They make decisions that affect millions of people world-wide.

What is the source of that kind of power?  In some cases they receive power by promoting fear.  Only they can keep you safe.  Only they can fix____________ (you fill in the blank).  Others receive power from the people via a vote.  In industry more and more power is received because of promotions.  What all these types of power have in common is that it is given to a person from an outside source.  It really isn't their power, it's something that is bestowed on them

True power comes from within.  It is a knowing, understanding and accepting of our personal power.  Unfortunately, a majority of people NEVER come to that understanding in their lifetime.  But every once in awhile a truly powerful person emerges.  They understand and accept their power.  They are generous with their time, wisdom, knowledge, love, and compassion.  They see things that need to be done and instead of looking around and pointing fingers to see who will do it, they step up and get the job done..  They empower and inspire others to do well and be the best that they can be.  They see with their hearts as well as their eyes.

My brother-in-law was one of those people.

Love,  Paula

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  1. Paula, so beautiful and so well said! Ralph truly was that great leader who led by doing and encouraged so many along the way to reach beyond to new heights that without him they would have never known.